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Are you tired of the ants, cockroaches, mice, spiders, scorpions, or other unwanted pests, getting into your personal space and property? It can become very frustrating, and sometimes expensive, to attempt and solve an overwhelming pest issue with retail products. Not all over-the-counter pest sprays and products are going to be effective every time. Luckily, our home seal pest control services are available to help you keep those annoying pests out. Many of our customers combine this service with a regular pest plan to further protect their home and it’s become quite the effective, and Eco-friendly way towards proper pest control measures.

The majority of small, and not-so-small pests can squeeze through small openings. We don’t always realize this as homeowners and don’t tend to stress over the almost unseen cracks and crevices here and there throughout the inside and outside of our property. Luckily, our home seal pest control technicians know exactly where to look to discover any cracks or openings and can properly seal them up for you. The base of your home and the meeting of the foundation can definitely experience cracking and gaping and is an ideal spot for pesky creatures to get in. Don’t worry, we can help you discover any existing access points and seal them up right away.

We do this in a particular way but to sum up how our service works, we inspect and seal the following areas:

  • Underneath the cabinets
  • Around piping, toilets, showers and shower heads
  • Any exhaust fans (installing screens included)
  • The wall void from the outside
  • Air vents (installing screens included)
  • Around plumbing (it’s helpful to have these areas cleaned out and accessible)
  • Around electrical boxes
  • Exterior light fixtures
  • Garage stems
  • Exterior base of the home (screening any weep holes)

This is a selection of the many areas where you may have already checked, or you haven’t even thought about checking. We will discover all entry points and seal them up properly so you can ensure your family and pets are safe from intruding pests.

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